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There has been a change in the law enabling members of the public to get legal advice or representation directly from a barrister.

We can help you in different ways. Firstly we can offer….

£125 + VAT

How it works:
  • Briefly outline your case on our online request form
  • A clerk will match your case with a suitable barrister
  • You pay a fixed fee of only £125 + VAT up front (card payment by phone)
  • We will put you through to your barrister either by phone/Skype or FaceTime (which ever suits you best) for the advice session at a prearranged time

Alternatively, If you are interested in engaging one of our Barristers for other services such as a court hearing, written advice or assistance with mediation please complete the Direct Access Barrister request form and one of our clerks will contact you urgently.

The full details of how the Direct Public Access Scheme works are set out below.

The rules governing Direct Public Access to Barristers have changed. Members of the public may now go directly to a barrister.

The existing Licensed Public Access scheme gives direct access to Barristers to professional clients such as chartered accountants and surveyors.

5 Pump Court presently has 37 barristers qualified for Direct Public Access cases (as set out below).

What clients say about Direct Public Access  Barristers at 5 Pump Court

"Ben was efficient, thorough and committed in his work. Not afraid to deal with a relatively new area of law, he worked hard to ensure full comprehension and understanding. Thanks" - Legal Department at one of the UK's leading Multi-million pound travel PLC's

“Far in excess of our expectations and would be pleased to recommend at any time" - Gerry Hall – Managing Director – International Procurement Services (Overseas) Ltd. 

"Mr Nabi went above and beyond his professional requirements to help and accommodate me; truly an outstanding barrister. He makes the process understandable, calmer and the seemingly unachievable, achievable” - Direct Public Access Client

 "Dear Mr Phillips, I would like to say a big thank you for representing me and doing such a splendid job. I appreciate the work you carried out helped me to stay on top of the case and kept me and my little boy safe" - Direct Public Access Client

"I have just had the mother on the phone for half an hour saying how wonderful Rebecca is. She was extremely pleased with the way she handled the case and she fought very hard in court and both mum and grandad felt comfortable and happy that Rebecca was on their side.  Her words were 'She had a lot of fight in her and we are very impressed'. -  Instructing Solicitor

“I also thank Barrister Sophie Hill who has been of tremendous help..”   Family law lay-client

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sophie for all her help. She has been really helpful with my divorce proceedings, she really came across as having a lot of passion for her profession and so much knowledge and I could not have had a better Counsel.”  Family law lay-client

“Also I would like to comment that she was brilliant and it's refreshing to finally find someone who knows the legal situation and I was amazed how quickly she picked it up and whizzed through the calculations!  In addition she was a nice character which enabled me to relax somewhat in a very difficult situation.”    Direct Access Client

“What a great result – you were fabulous – thanks again Sophie”  - Family law solicitor

The clients view about Direct Public Access    

If you are interested in engaging one of our Barristers who is qualified to provide services via the Direct Public Access Scheme please complete the Direct Access Barrister request form. Once the online form is completed, we will receive this by email. It will then be forwarded to appropriate barristers to assess whether they can assist on your particular matter. If you have specifically asked for a particular direct public access barrister to look at your matter then the form will be forwarded to that barrister. We will then aim to contact you within a few days to let you know if we can help.

If you do decide to instruct one of our Barristers under the direct public access scheme they will require copies of two forms of official identification, for example a driving licence and a recent utility bill or formal identification document identifying residence at an address in the UK. If you are acting on behalf of a company, you will be required to produce a certified copy of Certificate of Incorporation, the latest accounts filed at Companies House and evidence that you are authorised to act on behalf of the company.

If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact one our  Clerk Tim Markham by telephone on 020 7353 2532 or by e-mail at timmarkham@5Pumpcourt.com

The Direct Public Access scheme extends this and the following barristers within Chambers are qualified to provide this service:

Members In This Area

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