Equal Opportunities

Chambers’s Equal Opportunities Policy is applied when considering all applications.

View our equal opportunities policy.

Chambers Administrator Role - Details below:

Job Description 


Administering and assisting with the coordination  of  certain  support  functions  integral  to  the effective operation of a busy Barristers’ Chambers, to include: 

Compliance matters 

Discharging  the  role  of  “first  point  of  contact”  on  behalf  of  Chambers  with regulatory bodies including the Bar Standards Board and the Bar Council. 

Liaising  with  the  Chambers Director  in  relation  to  all  aspects  of  Chambers’  regulatory compliance  requirements  imposed  by  the  Bar  Standards Board. 

Maintaining and revising, as directed by the Chambers Management Committee, the Chambers  constitution,  the  Chambers’  procedure  manual  and  any  other  policies and manuals necessary for the effective implementation of the Chambers constitution. 

Liaising with the Bar Indemnity Fund and members of Chambers to ensure that all members are covered by appropriate professional indemnity insurance 

Discharging the role of the Chambers data protection coordinator, ensuring that all members of Chambers comply with their data protection registration obligations. 

Liaising  with  the  Chambers Equality  and  Diversity Officer and Data Diversity Officer and revising the equal opportunity policy where necessary.  

Discharging  the  role  of  health  and  safety  coordinator,  anticipating  any  steps  that may be necessary to ensure full compliance by Chambers with its statutory health and safety obligations. 

Information technology 

Liaising with the Chambers Director in order to maintain up to date effectiveness in terms of  information  technology and ensuring  continuing  effectiveness  of Chambers’ internet server, telephone communications and related matters. 

Securing and administering optimum contracts for printers, copies and related items of equipment. 

Updating the Chambers website and social media


Personnel  / related matters

Processing  new  members  of  Chambers and providing  them  with  copies  of  relevant   manuals, door access cards, email addresses, research log-ins and any other general aspect of induction. 

Updating  the  board  of  present  and  past  members  of  Chambers  and  the  list  of members and staff on the Chambers website. 

Dealing with any change to the practical accommodation needs of any members of Chambers who join Chambers or move room. 

Co-ordinating  the  provision  of  training  for  Chambers staff  to  address  needs identified  in  the  Chambers  appraisal  process  and  / or  as  required  by  the  Chambers Director


Maintenance of Chambers / related matters


Implementing  the  decisions  of  the  Management  Committee  in  relation  to  all matters  concerning  the  upkeep and management of  the  Chambers’  building. 

Administering and renewing when  necessary  optimum  contracts  for  Chambers  for  the  cleaning  and repair/maintenance of the building.

Administering and renewing when  necessary optimum  contracts  for  Chambers  for  the  supply  of utilities, insurance and maintenance of security alarms.

Administering and securing  when  necessary and under the instruction of the Chambers Librarian optimum  contracts  for  the  upkeep  of  the  Chambers library.

Recommending, where possible, further economies in relation to general Chambers expenditure.



To  contribute  to  the  agenda  of  management  meetings  and  to  provide  reports  to such meetings as may be required. 

To  generally  keep  under  review  Chambers  administrative  procedures  to  ensure optimum efficiency. 

Any other such duties as such may reasonably be required from time-to-time.



Tenancy Applications

5 Pump Court is a busy and long-established common law set with enviable financial stability.

Due to a significant surplus of work and a desire to expand, we are looking for high quality practitioners across all  of our core areas of expertise: Civil, Crime and Family.

Applications are invited from established Civil practitioners, and across all levels of call from Criminal and Family practitioners.

Applications should be made by way of a CV and covering letter to recruitment@5pumpcourt.com.

Alternatively please speak to one of our clerks in confidence.

Twelve Month Pupillage

5 Pump Court Chambers is a successful common law set of chambers with three main practice teams: Criminal, Civil and Family. We are a friendly set and aim to make pupillage an instructive and enjoyable experience in which our pupils will gain a strong grounding in each of these areas. To facilitate that, pupils will normally have three supervisors during the year.

Chambers is a member of the Pupillage Portal. Please read the Pupillages Handbook or visit www.pupillagegateway.com. for further information about how to apply for a twelve-month pupillage at 5 Pump Court Chambers.

Applicants should be aware that 5 Pump Court will only recruit those who can demonstrate a genuine desire to undertake pupillage in a common law chambers.


Third Six Pupillage

Vacancies for 3rd six pupillages will normally be advertised, however individual applications are considered as and when received.


A maximum of four one-week mini-pupillages will be offered each year and will take place during late June, July, August or September.

Applicants must be either an undergraduate or graduate.

The application form and equal opportunities monitoring form should be completed and submitted between the 1st January and the 31st January each year by post, accompanied by a covering letter and marked for the attention of Rebecca Foulkes.

Due to the volume of applications it is regretted that applications received outside this period will not be acknowledged or considered.

Successful applicants will be notified by the 31st March and allocated their mini-pupillage week.

A mini-pupillage is not a pre-requisite for pupillage but may assist a future application.


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