Beverly Roberts

Called in 1998

Areas of Practice
Family, Direct Public Access Barristers, Child Abduction


Practice Profile

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Family Law 

Beverly's Family practice encompasses International Movement of Children, Finance and 

Divorce,  Care,  Residence  and  Contact,  and  Children  Act  in  particular.   She  has 

extensive knowledge and interest in the rights of children in the context of legal 

proceedings and in the wider society.     


Her  expertise  includes  both  Private  and  Public  Law,  acting  for  parents,  or  the 

Guardian, International Movement of Children, Child Abduction, Serious Physical and 

Sexual  Abuse  of  Children  and  Women,  Children  with  an  extensive  history  of 

Emotional  Abuse  and  Neglect,  Incest,  Child  Pornography,  cases  involving  the 

Downloading of Child Pornography, and Adoption  


In relation to Ancillary Relief matters, she has an excellent grasp of Finances within 

Divorce, and tracing Hidden Assets.  

Beverly is qualified to accept instructions under the Bar Council Direct Public Access to Barristers scheme.

What Clients Say

“Also I would like to comment that she was brilliant and it's refreshing to finally find someone who knows the legal situation and I was amazed how quickly she picked it up and whizzed through the calculations!  In addition she was a nice character which enabled me to relax somewhat in a very difficult situation.”

Direct Access Client

'Bev literally changed my children’s lives and mine. Bev cut through the mire of false allegations and nonsense being thrown in my direction and convinced the court to concentrate on what really mattered and that was my children were being alienated from me and unless something was done immediately they would grow up essentially without a dad. The result was common sense but far from guaranteed after the first two hearings which I struggled through unrepresented. Without Bev my children wouldn’t be in the happy position of having me as an integral part of their lives. I’m emotional writing this and still can’t thank her enough. Simply outstanding and without question the best decision I have ever made in my life to secure her services.'

Direct Access Client


Professional memberships 

Family Bar Association 

South Eastern Circuit 



Teachers  Advanced  Advocacy  and  gives  Advocacy  and  Family  Law  Lecturers  at 

Middle Temple to both students and young practitioners 



direct access

Beverly is qualified to accept instructions under the Direct Public Access to Barristers Scheme.

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