Corinna Schiffer

Called in 1989

Areas of Practice
Mediation & ADR


Practice Profile

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Education & Career

Selwyn College Cambridge

Lecturer in law at University of Reading

Lecturer at the College of Law (Bloomsbury, London)


Corinna practised family law at 5 Pump Court for 10 years before retraining as a mediator. She has been mediating for the last 4 years and as well as seeing clients in chambers, she runs her own mediation group in Farnham, Surrey. She is Legal Services Commission accredited and has experience of over 150 mediations ranging from financial settlements, child arrangements, relocation to communication issues between couples.

Corinna is married and has two young children.

Location, Timing

Meetings are held in chambers in London or in Farnham/Guildford, Surrey on Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 5.30 PM (to finish by 7 PM). Appointments can be made by speaking to one of our clerks on 020 7353 2532 or 


“ I would highly recommend Corinna to anyone caught in any form of family dispute or divorce. Her integrity, equally coupled with her ever present compassion were welcome attributes at a time when I thought our harsh challenges were too great to solve.
In a short time they were overcome thankfully by her wise guidance and stoic professionalism, finding successful lasting solutions through a very difficult time in our lives, allowing us all to move on.” Fiona Banks 2014
“The mediation enabled my wife and I to discuss our issues in a sensible and mature fashion and helped us to save our marriage.” 2014

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5 Pump Court

Temple, London


T 020 7353 2532 or 07976 368031

F 020 7353 5321


Document Exchange

LDE 497 Chancery Lane


8.30 am until 7.00 pm

Urgent out-of-hours

07976 368031

Parking spaces are available for conferences on request in advance