Edward Bates

Called in 2017

Areas of Practice
Business & Commercial, Property, Landlord & Tenant, Insolvency, Family


Practice Profile

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Edward has a civil and family practice, with a particular focus on financial matters. Prior to coming to the Bar, he was a Management Consultant at KPMG LLP specialising in financial services and the public sector. He has experience of advising on taxation and tax litigation, and is very good at dealing with litigation including complex financial arrangements. He is very good at forensically examining cases in order to understand the detail fully and then at explaining complex issues in straightforward terms. He has also worked as a law lecturer and is very good at understanding and translating complex legal situations for clients.

Family law

Edward's family practice is mainly focussed on financial remedy proceedings. He is also able to deal with private children law matters and injunction applications in cases where there are allegations of domestic violence. Edward has experience of dealing with financial proceedings on divorce or relationship breakdown, and of advising on the fair division of assets including income, savings, property, investments and pensions. He also has experience of drafting suitable trust documents to put agreements or orders into effect.

Recent cases include one where Edward drafted a life interest deed of trust for a client seeking to remain in possession and occupation of the former matrimonial home for the duration of her life and be protected from possible claims made by her children as co-beneficiaries, upon being transferred the property in financial remedy proceedings. He has also acted recently in numerous injunction applications where there were allegations of domestic abuse.

Civil litigation

Edward has a broad civil practice dealing mainly with business and commercial law (with a focus on financial matters) and property. He is experienced at dealing with a wide range of civil cases, including mortgage possessions, applications, enforcement, return of goods, bankruptcy and infant settlement hearings. He would welcome instructions in cases involving contract, consumer credit, company or insolvency law issues.

Recent civil cases include successfully representing a client in a claim for payment of a historical personal debt worth over £30,000.


Edward is hardworking and thorough. His previous professional background makes him ideal for financial dispute resolution matters and civil litigation involving financial issues. He is personable and builds good working relationships with solicitors and clients.


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