Imran Mahmood

Called in 1992

Areas of Practice
Business & Commercial, Construction, Professional Negligence & Liability, Crime, Employment & Discrimination, Local Authorities & Public Law, Personal Injury, Prison law, Property, Landlord & Tenant, Direct Public Access Barristers


Practice Profile

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LLB (Hons) Kingston University

Clients say...

“An exceptionally bright barrister. He makes excellent tactical decisions and has great judgment. Clients really respond well to him”

Susheel Gil, Greens Solicitors


“Far in excess of our expectations and would be pleased to recommend at any time”

Gerry Hall – Managing Director – International Procurement Services (Overseas) Ltd. 


"Thorough, conscientious and highly approachable in so far as acting in the best interests of the client is concerned and generally"

Hannah Venn-Munns,    Dowse & Co.


“A real class act. Imran never disappoints”





Imran is an extremely experienced senior Barrister who specialises in Criminal defence work. He deals in serious cases and is especially known for his expertise in

Murder and serious violence

Fraud of all kind including money laundering and confiscation

Serious sexual offences including historic offending


As well as conducting jury trials as leading counsel and as counsel acting on his own, Imran has also built up a considerable following in advisory work. He advises on all aspects of criminal law and procedure and can be instructed privately to advise on and pursue cases to appeal. Imran is regularly instructed to appear in the Court of Appeal and is happy to assist clients who have had unsuccessful outcomes in the lower court.


Imran prides himself on delivering excellence whenever instructed. He is often praised for his approachability and his ability to put clients at their ease whatever their situation. He has a reputation as a fearless and seasoned advocate with first class cross-examination skills.

Imran regularly represents both residential and commercial landlords and tenants in the civil and criminal courts. He has particular interest in HMOs and is routinely instructed to deal with contested HMO cases in the Magistrates Court and on Appeal to the Crown Court where detailed and specialist knowledge is required. His thorough knowledge of and total confidence in criminal and civil jurisdictions make him an ideal choice for cases of this sort.




For over 20 years Imran has practised in a wide range of civil work and has expertise in:


  • Civil Fraud

  • Actions against the police, including malicious prosecution, false imprisonment, assault and battery

  • Torts, including personal injury and professional negligence

  • Contracts

  • Trusts

  • Employment


    Imran has particular skill and ability in advisory and drafting work. In cases of urgency he is able to draft pleadings within an extremely short turn around time (usually within hours of being instructed). Imran is an experienced civil advocate remarked on for the hard advocacy skills he is able to bring across from his criminal practice. As well as being routinely instructed in multi-track cases in the County Court he also appears in trials in the High Court.



    Some Notable cases



  • R v C & others: Murder -  Defendant acquitted of murder. This case raised interesting questions of causation where psychiatric evidence confirmed that the deceased had died after having withdrawn from taking nutrition as a direct result of a series of attacks in his own home. The case involved detailed analysis of cell-site data and call traffic as well as blood spatter and contested DNA evidence
  • R v DP & others: Murder – Defendant acquitted of murder in a gang-land shooting. The case involved extremely detailed and voluminous cell-site data and experts on both sides. Also involved experts in facial-mapping, CCTV, call data, ballistics, firearm discharge residue
  • R v S & 1 other: Murder - Joint-enterprise murder with psycho-sexual elements
  • R v JJH: Complex, multi-handed cross-jurisdictional money laundering case. Represented main Defendant. Case involved the transmission of hundreds of £millions into the Chinese corridor. Issues included: breaches of Money Laundering Regulations, satellite civil litigation involving the appointment of interim receivers, satellite criminal litigation and laundering of the proceeds of organised crime including human trafficking, civil restraint proceedings, tax fraud, piercing corporate veil, trusts and confiscation amongst others. Defendant had created and interleaved hundreds of corporate vehicles in order to mask high value and long-running frauds.
  • R v JJH: In confiscation – successfully reduced claimed confiscation from £465million to just £1.7m
  • R v H: Historic familial sex abuse described by trial judge as “the most serious case that (he) had ever come across at the Bar or on the Bench”. Issues included admissibility of bad character (sexual abuse against another daughter) admissibility of victim’s attempts on the lives of her children in consequence of the trauma resulting from the sexual abuse, admissibility of ‘confession’ type evidence where defendant had made admissions to psychiatrist following the intervention of the Official Solicitor in Wardship proceedings, admissibility of confession in interview where confession was based on earlier admissions to psychiatrist.
  • R v M: Historic familial sex abuse spanning over 40 years. This case involved a number of complainants each of whom made allegations against the defendant and one who made allegations against the defendant with the connivance and participation of his wife
  • H v R: Court of Appeal – represented appellant after his conviction for 6 counts of sexual offences. The appellant’s trial counsel had advised against an appeal and client instructed us on a direct access basis. Appealed out of time and secured quashing of all convictions on the grounds of a serious misdirection in law 



  • S v Police: Civil action against police. Claimant arrested for sexual assault. Alleged assault and battery in the course of arrest and false imprisonment. Claimed aggravated and exemplary damages. Claimant suffered serious relapse of long-standing serious psychiatric condition that he claimed was triggered by the assaults and false imprisonment.
  • PR v B: Civil Fraud. Multi £million High Court Civil litigation following the Claimant’s acquittal in the Crown court for fraud and money laundering



  • Licensed for Direct Access
  • Approved Pupil Supervisor
  • Advocacy Trainer

direct access

Imran is qualified to accept instructions under the Direct Public Access to Barristers Scheme.

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