Timothy Greaves

Called in 2017 (Sol 2005)

Areas of Practice
Crime, Prison law


Practice Profile

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Timothy was called to the Bar in 2017 having practised as a Solicitor for over 12 years, securing his higher rights of audience in 2010.

Throughout his career Timothy has specialised in criminal law whilst also gaining a significant amount of experience in prison law.

As well as an accomplished advocate, Timothy approaches his work with great attention to detail. He has a personable approach that he has honed through his experience as a solicitor working directly with clients and their families.

Timothy is a Level 2 CPS panel advocate.

Significant Cases

R v. A - Multi-handed gang stabbing.

R v. SB & others - Fraudulent Evasion of Duty of £950,000.

R v. BY & others - Violent disorder, concerning an episode of football violence.

R v. RB - Possession of disguised firearms, weapons and ammunition.

R v. AI & others - Conspiracy to rob and possession of firearms x 2, involving multiple defendants and a series of armed robberies of betting shops.

R v. CB & others – Violent disorder involving the police and members of the public outside / near to a local music festival.

R v. J – Banking fraud of over £100,000.

R v. MP - Sexual assaults x 8 within the family home.

R v. JP - Sexual assault of child under 13 years, namely 11 years old.

R v. D - Large multi-handed conspiracy to commit burglary / theft involving multiple defendants burgling residential premises and stealing high value items including electrical equipment and motor vehicles.


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